Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Dead Pets

Quite a while ago, I wrote about how good my family was at killing off pets. What I've neglected to tell you is that hasn't deterred us from buying more. This summer, we brought home a Betta for The Kitten's birthday.

Poor little thing died within two months. Being a bit older, The Kitten understood this a lot better than she did with the turtle or the hamsters. There's a memorial in the backyard. So did we stop there?

Of course not. I came home from my wonderful weekend of wine and music to find two guppies and a frog in the tiny Betta bowl. The frog jumped ship within a few days, but the guppies, they held on until the brilliant man I married put them in untreated tap water for too long last night. I hope The Kitten meant it when she was wailing about "No more pets!" She seemed genuinely happy when I told her Santa would bring her a Fin Fin Friend instead.

We are now accepting contracts on any pets you might want to meet an untimely death. Satisfaction guaranteed.


  1. This was both sad and Funny especially that last bit because I have this extra dog...

  2. There are some sad things you just have to laugh about to keep from also killing your husband. :)