Monday, March 9, 2009

Pets, Plants, and Parenting

I used to joke about staying away from the Three P's of Responsibility: Pets, Plants, and Parenting. As long as I was free of pets, plants, and kids, my life would be perfect. Then my realtor gave me a houseplant when we moved into our current home and swore that it was one even I couldn't kill. It was all downhill from there.

Two years later, The Kitten came along, and while I'm not the greatest mother in the world, she doesn't complain...much. Her that's a different story. However, we survived her first teenage fit last week when we wouldn't take her to the rodeo on our night off...remember, she's only five. By the way, I received another houseplant at the birth of my only child, and both plants are miraculously still alive. So, I think I've got the plants and the parenting down, but guess what?

I killed off another pet. Last year, we had the hamsters, Beautiful Sparkle and Foola, who lasted about six and eight months, respectively. Just a few days ago, I introduced you to Sparkly the Turtle, who The Kitten received for Christmas. Obviously, Sparkly didn't enjoy having her picture plastered all over the web, and she finally gave up this weekend after not eating a damn thing for the past two months. And yes, I did try to feed her! Maybe third time's a charm on the pet thing? What should we kill get for Christmas this year?

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