Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yet Another Weekend Full of Wine

This past weekend, I attended the Gruene Music & Wine Fest.  Although I've been to Gruene, a quaint little town on the Guadalupe River snuggled up next to New Braunfels, many times, this was the first time I had the opportunity to attend the wine fest. I highly recommend a visit to Gruene any time of the year, but this was an especially enjoyable weekend, as you will see.

My sister and I took off about 10 a.m. on Friday with her family's pop-up trailer in tow.  I, of course, made her stop at Buc-ee's in Luling even though she was very nervous pulling the pop-up around.  Thankfully, they expanded the parking lot recently, and she had no problem getting in and out of there.  Things were not as easy when we arrived at the campground about an hour later.

A sign at the campground informed us that we could pick any site except for those marked reserved.  My sister was looking for one in particular.  When we got to 100, a reserved sign was sitting on the table so we continued driving and quickly noticed that there were no more campsites with hook-ups past 100.  Trying to turn a camper around with a cliff on one side and the river on the other is not easy, and about halfway through the task, someone starts screaming about how they are going to pee on themselves from laughing about it.  No, it wasn't me, but when my sister brought it up, well yeah, then I started laughing so hard I almost peed too.  It took us a while to turn back around and stake a claim on campsite 99, but luckily, there was a guy who witnessed us doubled over in holding back pee mode and helped us back the damn trailer into the site.  And who cares?

We were at the river!  Later that night, my sister got really trashed and tried to climb through a fence when a gate was two feet to her left, but you really had to be there to appreciate that.

You might have noticed that I started this post in a very mature tone, but it has quickly gone south.  Ok, at least I tried.

Saturday at the wine fest was kick-ass.  A good friend had joined us by now, and we quickly turned into the trio of women who caused a stir. That's my sister in the headdress.

And that's our friend in the Groucho Marx getup.

I have no idea how I became the normal one this weekend.

The tastings included wine from none other than Miranda Lambert's own line and an award-winner from the podunk town I couldn't wait to leave.  The picture directly above was taken in Gruene Hall where we saw the cutest little fiddle-player who we all wanted to sample.  Meow...

One thing I realized from this weekend was that I should be the normal one more often and take amazing pictures to remember everything.  I'm sure I'll feel more like myself by next weekend.

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