2007 Season

Houston Roller Derby 2007 Season

March 18, 2007 - Battle on the Bayou
Army 103 -vs- Navy 108 (veterans)
Air Force 45 -vs- Marines 42 (rookies)
No recap due to Catazon's excused absence.

April 15, 2007 - Spring Fling
Machete Betties 162 -vs- Burlesque Brawlers 57
Psych Ward Sirens 79 -vs- Bayou City Bosse$ 90

May 6, 2007 - Travel Team in Austin
HaRD Knocks 97 -vs- Hotrod Honeys 133

May 20, 2007 - Mayhem
Burlesque Brawlers 43 -vs- Bayou City Bosse$ 128
Machete Betties 115 -vs- Psych Ward Sirens 137

June 17, 2007 - Big Top Brawl
Houston Roller Derby's HaRD Knocks 197 -vs- Alamo City's Las Tejanas 79
Houston Roller Derby's The Knockouts 92 -vs- Texas Rollergirls' Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 82

July 15, 2007 - In Quad We Trust
Burlesque Brawlers 104 -vs- Psych Ward Sirens 179
Bayou City Bosses 97 -vs- Machete Betties 69

August 19, 2007 - August Assault
#1 Bayou City Bosses 141 -vs- #4 Burlesque Brawlers 71
#2 Psych Ward Sirens 127 -vs- #3 Machete Betties 63

September 16, 2007 - Governor's Cup
Game 1 Alamo City 57 -vs- Assassination City 144
Game 2 Dallas Derby Devils 90 -vs- Houston Roller Derby 114
Game 3 Texas Roller Girls 141 -vs- Assassination City 52
Game 4 Texas Roller Girls 128 -vs- Houston Roller Derby 67

October 21, 2007 - High Rollin' Roulette
Championship Bout: Bayou City Bosse$ 95 -vs- Psych Ward Sirens 107
Third Place Bout: Machete Betties 89 -vs- Burlesque Brawlers 92

All Houston bouts held at the Verizon Wireless Theater.
Doors open at 5 pm. Bouts start at 6 pm.

November 11, 2007 - Awards Banquet
Hosted by Riva's Italian Restaurant; Unofficial Afterparty at Chances

Best Referee: Alotta Trouble
Best Announcer: The Colonel
League Most Improved: Chicken
League Rookie of the Year: Savage Rose
League MVP: Mistilla
Congeniality/Leadership: Mistilla

Machete Betties
Best Jammer: Beverly Kills
Best Pivot: Tawdry Hepburn
Best Blocker: Miss Lead
Team MVP: Beverly Kills

Burlesque Brawlers
Best Jammer: Savage Rose
Best Pivot: Sinister Sista
Best Blocker: Catazon
Team MVP: Savage Rose

Bayou City Bosse$
Best Jammer: Flame & Rage
Best Pivot: Pushy Galore
Best Blocker: NawtyDreadKnocks
Team MVP: Death By Chocolate

Psych Ward Sirens
Best Jammer: Mistilla
Best Pivot: Carmen Geddit
Best Blocker: Mary Choppins
Team MVP: Mistilla

League Contribution Awards:
The Derby Brothers
Ann Heuser Butch
Veronica Venom
Rippin' Red
Private BeenJammin'

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