Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gotta Have Faith...

I used to be a lot more religious than I am now. That's something my friends and family didn't even know, now or then. I went to a Christian school, and even there, it wasn't totally cool to profess your love for God. So I kept it to myself mostly. I'm usually good at masking my emotions.

But something about my religion hits me way down deep in my heart...something I hinted at in "yesterday's"'s not often I can sit through a service without tearing up, just like I did last night. Yes, I still have faith, but sometimes it's hard for me to live a true Christian life, especially when I think of some of the horrible, and I do mean horrible, sins I committed when I did turn my back on my religion. So to reassure myself, I'm digging into the proof of my walk with God from yesteryear, my senior year of high school, to be exact. Another NaPoWriMo cheat...

Sheltered by Love

On coldest nights
When the stars give no light
And I still have so far to go,
I look to the sky
To find a reason why
An answer I have yet to know.

So shortly I have lived
With the love Jesus gives
That I really can't understand.
Still I know I believe
That my soul my Lord keeps
And my heart's in the palm of His hand.

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