Thursday, November 6, 2008

If the Shoe Doesn't Fit

The past couple of days I've been noticing my shoes sliding off my heels and my toes digging in to keep me from walking out of them. Is it coincidence that the last time I had skates on was over a month ago? Before that, the last time I went a month without skating was April of 2007 when the hardware was removed from my ankle. I knew my feet were in bad shape from over a year of repetitive stress, but I had no idea they were actually BIGGER! Hmm, should I buy new shoes or go back to destroying my body? ...Yay for new shoes!!!


  1. Have I told you my feet/shoe issues? I now wear a size 9 (from 7.5!!), and I have barely any arc, requiring a whole new waredrobe of shoes with arc support!! I've started buying supportive inserts and replacing the insoles that come with the shoes. Any kind of heel is out of the question. Derby definitely screwed my feet up!! First thing I recommend: Go to a good running shoe store (I went to on Washington), and have them measure your foot and get you a good solid pair of shoes (I got running and cross training). Sorry I wrote so much! Take care of your feet!

  2. Yeah, I remember you telling me about your feet, but it seems like my feet are shrinking now that I'm not skating for two hours at a time every other day. Maybe they were just constantly swollen for the past three years, requiring me to buy 11s instead of being able to squeeze into 10s, and now they are returning to their natural state. What a pain.