Friday, October 31, 2008

Day of the Dead Can't Come Soon Enough

October has been a CRAZY BUSY month for me.

I began the month by skating in my last derby bout. In the first of three bouts in two days, I was tripped and took it directly on my right knee (the one that already had problems). At least I pushed their jammer all the way to the middle of the infield with three of their blockers on me right before this happened. You can watch the whole bout if you want. Such a shame opponents must resort to cheating to stop me. Still, I can't believe I could get a pad over my knee to skate the other two bouts. Isn't it symbolic, don't you think?

Catazon Falling on Knee

A week or so later, I saw a legend from the front row, thanks to a derby girl who I'm proud to call a friend also. You couldn't ask for a better front (or back, or only two) of your pack. We've been through it all!

Starr Doom and Catazon in our last game together

Then, I went to the Corral Club Halloween Party, two days before the derby awards party, and wore the same thing to each. Hmm, maybe that's why I went to both couldn't be because I'm a nasty way. (Image is blurred to protect the innocent, or because I had to steal it from Facebook on my BlackBerry...whatever you prefer.)

Catazon Nasty Dancing

Last weekend, I acted like a giddy schoolgirl on the front row of another concert, this time with my sister who took some great pictures. I think I'm going to have to fight her for his sweat towel that I practically jumped up on the stage to steal. You can't ignore me, Rick!

Rick Looking Up

And all these things don't even begin to list all the fun I had in October! Tonight, The Kitten will get to show off her costume to the grandparents she invited over for Halloween almost two months ago. Tomorrow, I can start a much more relaxed month. Unless somebody wants to go to the Ren Faire with me?


  1. When you work to live and not live to work...yes. :)

  2. Sarah and I are going out to ren faire and camping the last 2 weekends of November...we'd love to see you!!

  3. My worn-out self already used my free anytime tickets on Saturday, when I should have been resting to keep from getting me and Syd even more sick. BUT, I do have more free tickets for the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I'm trying to talk my sister into bringing the camper to stay the night. YEEHAW! See you there...