Monday, November 17, 2008

Even Exchange?

You know what is totally unfair? I have high cholesterol because my GOOD cholesterol is off the charts. My bad cholesterol is within desirable limits, but my GOOD cholesterol is so high that the doctors take a look at the overall number and tell me I need to fix it. Now it doesn't seem right to fix what ain't broke, but whatever...I'll do something. Six months ago, when my doctor told me to exercise more, I just laughed. Okaaay. I figured I might should cut out the avocados instead...that should give the GOOD cholesteral a kick in the ass. Then last month, my job tells me I can get $200 off my insurance costs next year if I start a cardio program, and I sign on the dotted line as fast as I can. Besides the fact that I'm only exercising about NEVER now that I quit derby (between a swollen knee and another broken toe, it has been next to impossible), I wouldn't mind getting down to my "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" weight again. That's only a few pounds lighter, so don't feel so bad that I still look so good when overweight.

But...what the hell have I done? Now I really do have to skip the guacamole, for at least twelve weeks. I have to talk to some person once a week about crap like "wellness vision" and affirmations. I have to write down what I eat (wow, my hand is going to hurt) and how often I exercise (does all the writing count as exercise?). I'm so driven to be the best at everything I do that I know it's going to work, but why does it have to be so annoying to be healthy?

Catazon's Week 1 on the Chevron Cardiovascular Health Program
Weight = 193 (I am not ashamed of this at all.)
Total Cholesterol = 243 (Guess we'll see what happens with this in a few months.)
Anxiety Level = 3 (On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm dealing now, but just wait till Christmas.)


  1. wellness visions and affirmations? ha! this should be interesting, at least. ;)

  2. Want to go eat at Don Patron's this week!? Buwhahaha!

  3. Yeah, so I can sit on you again!