Friday, November 21, 2008

First Report Card

First of all, we all know I'm a horrible person. I hit people I don't know, I make fun of coworkers, and I just have a bad attitude in general. Yet, I have never, ever, ever thought that The Kitten was not the most beautiful, funniest, and smartest girl in the world. Until she brought home her first report card...

The Kitten got an N (needs improvement) in "Recognizes letters and letter sounds." When I saw that, all the doubts surfaced. She won't be just like me; she'll fail Senior English just like her dad. She'll have to study instead of forgetting there's a test and still making a B. And if she's below average in academics, then she might be below average in athletics, too. Oh, please Lord, just let her look like her dad and not take after him in everything!!! All those negative thoughts raced through my head.

Then I remembered that the one thing I promised myself not to be a horrible person about is the most beautiful, funniest, smartest girl in the world. So I help her with the letters as much as I can without either one of us getting discouraged, and I keep on telling her she's the most beautiful, funniest, and smartest girl in the world.


  1. Well I'm fixing to tell you that I was an 'F' and 'D' student all the way through elementary school... finally got my act together in 6th grade, and made all A's and ended up graduating 12th in my class. She has a huge advantage over me having a great Mom and Dad like you two.

  2. That's awesome! I was the opposite...a perfect student until I had to take things like geometry and trig but was lucky enough to go to an extremely small Christian school that overlooked my inefficiences in math and I steered clear of that mess in college. ;) Thanks for the vote of confidence in our parenting, also.

  3. I would give you a point of view from a typical C student but everything you know about me would just drive you to tears to think it could happen to Sid. But let me promise you it is not the end of the world if she does not excel as well as you did in school. Just as long as she tries her hardest then she will do good in life. For me, I had way too many personal distractions to try my hardest. For should be a breeze compared to mine. As long as you keep her safe from predators, give her the freedom of making her own decisions as she gets older, and you are always there to listen and give pats on the back even when she did not hit the mark as well as you may have wanted. You are blessed...and so is she. :)

  4. Staci, there are worse things she could end up as than being like you. Something went right somewhere or you wouldn't be my best friend of 25 years. Thank you for sharing. Love ya!