Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Officially Over

So I went to the 2008 HRD Awards. I got nothing except for somebody making a snarky comment about how I should have shown up as Linus with a dirt cloud around me (a reference to my bad attitude since July from someone who's partly to blame for that perceived bad attitude..."that's bullshit" beotch). And people still wonder why I'm quitting. HA! I thank God every day that I have the balls to stand up and say enough.

I don't think I'd even continue playing derby if someone was paying me, because I'd still have to deal with women with bigger egos than I pretend to have. Scary.

I may have been born to derby, but I've come to realize there are better things in life. :)


  1. Oh... I'm sorry... Did my ego bump into you last night? Hahaha... You looked like you were having a good time all night! And whoever told you that is stupid anyway!. It wasn't Linus with the dirt cloud! Linus carried the blanket and was very smart!!! Who they meant was Pig Pen, who had a dirt cloud around him because he was dirty!! Not because he was in a bad mood! I'd go and slap da' ho for calling you dirty!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you're retiring, and not in the blaze of honor and glory that you absolutely deserve. i am, however, glad that you have better things in life to keep you busy, and i hope that you keep updating your blog with those other awesome things.


  3. Awwww, thanks y'all. I knew I could count on fellow derby retirees to commiserate.

    And Elle, thanks for clearing up the Peanut Gallery. I knew there was something wrong with that picture. I did have a good time...maybe because I looked damn good and not like a man in drag (and that's a jab at the ho who was mean to me). Ba dum bump. ;)

  4. I know I'll miss ya on the track...and I hope that we still get to hang out every once in a while sans-derby.

  5. oh, hell yeah...thanks for reminding me that I have to give you my new number.

  6. Oh, no! As a big derby fan, I have to say that you will be sorely missed!! You're a huge reason that my boyfriend and I love the derby so! You gotta do what you gotta do, but it won't be the same without you!!

  7. I'm just glad we got to hang out during regionals... I'm going to miss you so much. UGH.
    I so hope to see you soon. Well I will right, with TT?

  8. Well, my knee is pretty much done. but I haven't told anyone yet. I don't want to injure it more for one last game.

    Thanks, Kat! I'm just glad I could provide some entertainment...