Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is fair warning...

The Yankee just bought her plane ticket to come party with me once I can walk again. Those of you that can keep up (which shouldn't be that hard to do with someone who just got out of a cast), you're welcome to come, too! The itinerary is on my calendar for the weekend of October 20th. Oh, and when I say party, I mean there are no significant others involved in this whatsoever. Honkytonk!


  1. Phil and Doug can hang out on the other side of the festival, because now my ball and chain had a change of plans and he's going to be keeping tabs on me all weekend. ARRRGGGGHHHH!

  2. Is this the ziegenbock festival thingy? Phil wanted to tag along. I will have to tell him it's against the rules. Oh darn!