Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Southern Brawl

I haven't been talking about it much, because the jealousy over some of my favorite people getting another chance to skate an interleague bout is consuming me...AND I CAN'T EVEN WALK!!! Still, the excitement is building, though that may be mostly due to my indecision over what to wear.

2006 08 Southern Brawl Poster 02


  1. Holy crap! October 1st...that's right around the corner. And it's at the Verizon theater! Think it'll be easier to see or do you think the distance of the fans from the skaters will be too isolating?

  2. The views from the balcony are awesome! Check out the pics on the HRD Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hrdart/sets/72157594291382151/

    There is also a general admission section on the floor, so the diehard fans can get upclose and personal.

  3. That looks awesome!

    But I want to know about the Derby Prom...because that looks only slightly more entertaining than the actual roller derbie itself.

  4. HRD definitely knows how to have fun on and off the rink. The Prom was fun, but I prefer Derbyoke myself. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to let our helmets down like that during the offseason.