Friday, April 16, 2010

April Madness Continues...

Last weekend, I skated with Crude City. This bout held some significance in the fact that it was only the second time my parents have seen me skate in the five years that I've been derbying. My mom's favorite hobby nowadays is photography, which is a good thing because her pics are the only ones I have of the bout. (That's a little different from when I was skating with HRD, and captures of my crazed expressions were a dime a dozen.)

Catazon Enters the Pack

BTW, we won by like 150 points or something like that. I promised myself not to get caught up in that this time; I'm just doing it because I can, not because I'm trying to prove anything. Although it was nice to have two 18-point jams in one night. ;)

Tonight, I'm starting on my first celebratory weekend. It won't be as good as last year's first weekend, but I get to see one of my favorite bands with my favorite sister (okay, my one and only sister, but she's bad-ass like me). Then, tomorrow night, I get to scout out the team I'll be skating against next month.

Good friends, good music, good hits for bad bitches....awww yeah!


  1. [...] only the second time my parents have seen me skate in the five years that I’ve been …This Blog Cancel [...]

  2. It was great to see you Saturday! Also, I guess I'll just have to look up Crude City online, but I'd love to come see you skate again!

  3. Um, wait--are you playing the Bosse$ next month? I should have known that. :) What stinks is I'll be out of town! But I think it's live streaming now, so yay for that.

  4. Good to see you and your sweet new baby! Yes, Crude City is playing the Bosses next month in Houston, and then an HRD team is coming down to Corpus in June. Road trip! ;)

  5. Crude City's next home bout is June 12th, 7pm, against HRD. We skate at the Richard Borchart Fairgrounds in Robstown. As far as I know, our next bout after that will be in September.