Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Lasts All Month Around Here

Here's a preview of the Catazon's April 2010:

  • Good Friday - My 9/80 and The Kitten is looking forward to Iowa Tests being over...girls' day of fun!

  • Easter - My 12th wedding anniversary...good way to get out of celebrating it.

  • April 5th - A short trip to California...Trader Joe's is calling my name; that and a presentation on Lessons Learned (ick!)

  • April 10th - My first bout this season with Crude City Roller Derby...yes, I'm on the roster of a league that is four hours away; come be a fool and watch me!

  • April 16th - The day I should be going to the Tiki Bar opening in Maryland again but am instead being a good wife and mother for a sauce!

  • April 21st - The day I was born, 40 years ago...and no, there will not be a party because somebody expects me to send the invitations, clean the house, buy the food and drinks, act as a hostess, etc. (Bite me!)

Now remind me why I'm not going to the Tiki Bar again. Happy April anyway! Usually the best month of the year, but this one has only a couple of bright spots.

BTW...I will be skating in Houston (against Houston Roller Derby) in May. This is not a joke...more info to come. This Cat just won't die, and maybe there's still breath in Catazonia yet.

Oh, and I'm doing NaPoWriMo again!

No, that's the real April Fool's joke.

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