Thursday, May 21, 2009


My plans for the official beginning of the summer season, Memorial Day Weekend:

1. Act a fool at my sister's 3rd Annual Karaoke Birthday Bash on Friday night.
2. Finally get a haircut after at least nine months of hippie hair (can't really remember the last one).
3. Finally buy some new tennies now that the ones I bought on the way to the 2006 HRD championship bout when I could only wear one of them are making a weird clicky noise when I walk the streets at lunchtime.
4. Be jealous of everyone on the river while I play on The Kitten's slip and slide.

I love summertime! I'm sure I'll think of more fun summertime things to do over the next four days, but that's a good start. Who knows...the last three might kill me, or at least just make me die a little bit inside.


  1. Don't dis hippie hair. Hippie hair is cool!!!


  2. Oh no, nothing wrong with hippie hair...I always go months without a haircut. I HATE THEM!!! I don't do anything to my hair so it stays healthy and looks semi-decent. :)