Monday, April 13, 2009

Teeming With Life

I read once about a pond teeming with life
But I wondered about that pond surrounded by concrete.

So I walked around the pond throughout the year
And I steered clear of the ducks sitting on nests of eggs,
I dropped bread for the tadpoles waiting for morsels from the sky,
I stepped toward the turtles darting from the bank at every threat,
I tuned into the grasses swaying in the faintest breath of wind.

Then I made my way back to the skyscraper
And I checked my messages,
I accepted a meeting request,
I replenished my water bottle,
I wrote a poem.


  1. I really like this one! You've totally captured two completely different worlds. Nice!

  2. Thank you, thank you very much. This is getting harder and harder. I should have done an anonymous thing like you did...some things are too gut-wrenching. I'm glad you and Elle (you better still be reading) are the only ones reading. ;)

  3. This is really good. I am glad you are writing.