Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Safety Moment

Since the department I sit with moved back down to the first floor this week, I've been nagged by one of my pet peeves. See...the route to the restroom from our offices has a couple of blind corners that some people tend to ignore and run the person with the right of way straight into the decorative foilage. And we're not talking about tight hallways either. Not cool! Coincidentally, the safety moment in the meeting I sat in this afternoon was about being careful when walking around corners and shared by someone (who also described it as a pet peeve) not even in the same state. It's an epidemic! As well as instant inspiration!

Safety Moment

When your path reaches a corner
And life must take a turn,
Remember to walk as you drive
To avoid a crash and burn.

Let's reinforce this simple tip
And practice good behavior;
Keep oncoming traffic in mind
To keep yourself in favor.

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