Friday, March 27, 2009


I don't know why I keep up with this anymore. I no longer participate in the reason I started this blog...derby...although I did stop by the afterparty last week. Nobody wants to hear about work...even though my job is pretty awesome now. The Kitten resists becoming involved in any extracurricular activities...although I constantly ask her if she wants to swim or dance or kick and hit things. Life has become pretty boring since I decided to relax this year.

Rodeo is done, and I'm just waiting for April so anniversary and Easter and birthdays and traveling and holidays and my favorite season can begin. Maybe then Catazonia won't be lackin' in the crackin'.


  1. Don't stop blogging! And don't jinx yourself into being too busy! Haha... that's what happens. One day your sitting at home, bored, wishing you had a 'life', then the next day you are swamped with stuff to do, and wish you could get your 'life' back!!!
    And Syd doesn't know she wants to do those things because she has never done those things before :) Get her into anything and everything now, so she can decide what sticks.

    And I love the poetry! What a talent!

  2. I read this post again after your comment, Elle, and it sounded a little more depressed than it really was. I just have more fun facebooking and twittering, but yeah, next year it will be something else more trendy, and I'll still be paying for this blog. lol

    Thanks for the compliment *blush*. :)