Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Memories

Today, my family is one of the many in Houston who are hunkering down for Hurricane Ike, ready to make more hurricane memories. I can't help thinking about how mad I was when Alicia hit and I couldn't go see my boyfriend at the skating rink. And how we had a baby possum take shelter in a birdhouse in our backyard when Rita was blowing around.

Possum in a Birdhouse

Later this afternoon, I'll be moving my bed and the computer I'm working on right now. Then I will pull the carpet up and away from the back of the house, because our backyard tends to flood when we get a ton of rain. We are also worried how the construction on our road is going to affect this tendency. At least I don't have to worry about skating in a bout this weekend. Houston Roller Derby will be playing our Championship bouts on September 28th instead September 14th. Hey look, that's me getting an elbow in the ta-tas!

08 Sept Champ Front08 Sept Champ Back

I'll also be dreaming about the beautiful weather where I was a week ago:

Golden Gate Bridge

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  1. good luck surviving ike! if you need a northern refuge, let me know!