Friday, September 19, 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side of Ike

It's been a week since I stated that I was eager to make more hurricane memories, and I can truly say I have been blessed. Good things that came from Ike include:

  • My husband now realizes we need to fix the skylights that leaked all over the atrium and that I've been telling him to fix for six years. Maybe he will get it done before the next hurricane.

  • I got to see a bout on a Monday night - TXRG vs. Madison - and totally free!

  • I spent a whole uninterrupted week with The Kitten - until I dropped her off with Gramma about an hour ago.

  • I finally got the new barstools I've been needing for six years (see above...we moved in six years ago!).

  • The 2008 Season page was updated to the best of my ability - hadn't done that since the HaRD Knocks season went down the tubes in June.

Yes, it has been a good week because our yard only looked like this...

and we had another little visitor who only stayed for a few minutes...
Ike Refugee

I'm still using Ike as an excuse to drink heavily, and I just noticed my long, tall vanilla vodka and coke is empty, so I'm sure this post does not make a coherent summary of my awesome week.


  1. Glad you fared well... your yard looked about like ours did - except for the section of fence that was down too.

    We also had a stunned little bird in the backyard. Hubby wouldn't let me go get him and put him on the front porch in a box. Something about his pregnant wife doesn't need to go out at 10am on Saturday (when still raining/windy) to get a bird.... :)

  2. Over all I would say you got pretty lucky. I love the "pitcures" of the little animals. care about the animals too. Tuffy and Lady would be proud. :)