Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Good Week Gone Bad

I was having a really good week last week. The library received a ton of donated design books, and I was just having the best time cataloging, processing, and getting them on the shelf. I got to sit down with a couple of fellow derby martyrs and churn out lineups for four games in two days, utilizing all twenty skaters on our roster for the Roll for a Cure tournament in Orange County, California. Most people complain about tasks like cataloging or manipulating lineups, but I love that sort of detail-oriented, mind-numbing work. Then, the shivering started.

Thursday morning, I took some Motrin for the aches and pains I usually have the day after derby practice. Thursday afternoon, I took some more for a slight fever. Early Friday morning, I woke up with a fever of 102. More Motrin, and wow, that stuff works on fever, but what about my legs that won't work right and my brain that feels like it's trying to get loose? The doc sees nothing causing the fever, but take these antibiotics anyway just in case. So the fever is under control, but good Lord, my head! I didn't sleep more than thirty minutes at a time Friday and Saturday night. So Sunday morning, 5am, I can't take it anymore. Time to go to the hospital. I practically have to be carried to keep from passing out, I feel like I'm freezing to death, I have to stop to dry heave, and my head throbs with the sound of a pin that fell next door. Been out of the country? No. Burning when you pee? No. Congestion? None that would cause this! Well, then let's butcher your arm for blood and then pump some morphine and fluids in there. Next we're going to take chest x-rays, a cat scan, and if nothing comes back from those, get ready for that SPINAL TAP! Whee!

After all that, nothing. Nothing! Everything is clear. I still have a headache, although it's not as bad as Sunday morning. I can look back and laugh at the fact that I dry heaved all over the hospital, but the minute I walked out the doors, I puked water all over the bench waiting for my husband to bring the truck around. Nice. I cannot laugh about the fact that every time I am prepared to kick ass across the country as a member of HaRD Knocks, something happens to either prevent me from doing it or seriously hamper me in some way. So maybe I can't skate, but I can be the leader I was chosen to be, and I'm not going to break my promise to take The Kitten to Disneyland. This one will be the bad week gone good.


  1. Hey! You did not mention the spinal tap to me. Did they give you a local? What did it feel like if you don't mind my asking. How are things going for you today? Poor baby. I am so sorry that these things hinder your goals. I mean you still meet them, but not exactly the way you wanted. :(

  2. Yes, you get a local for a spinal tap. That stung a little bit, but then you can't feel anything when they start sucking spinal fluid out of you. The morphine made everything a little bit easier to take as well.

    I'm doing better, although the headache has not gone away. One of the weird things since I've been sick is the puffiness and bloating. I can barely get my wedding ring off. I haven't mentioned it to the doc, so I wonder if it means anything?

  3. Tell them everything. How else are they going to know. If it is something serious, you want to catch it as early as possible. But you are to mean to kill! :)

  4. Are you still at the same job?

  5. Yes, still in hell. Obviously, it's making me sick. :)