Sunday, February 24, 2008


So, I know I gripe about MPOW a lot. Surprisingly enough, I've been here two pays relatively well, the drive is easy, and there's the little to no stress factor. Why do I gripe then?

Two weeks ago, a print server went down for good. The students' print server...meaning spoiled-ass-rotten students who are accustomed to printing whatever they want whenever they want for FREE can suddenly not print anything. It's so much fun to try explaining this to people who don't speak English very well, even if it's their first language. Seriously. The server has not been replaced yet, since it took IT a week to order it because "they" were not going to approve the purchase until the CFO over the entire company made a surprise visit to Houston.

Today, "they" finally put in place a block on employee access to web-based email that "they" have been threatening for a while. Well, of course it's the big cluster f*** that every project becomes around here, and students can't access web-based email either. So while I'm saying, "No, you still can't print", I'm also saying, "Hey, guess what, you can't check your email either! But don't feel bad because it's my punishment for being stupid enough to work here and not yours for being stupid enough to give your money to a diploma mill." Love my job!

So, what it all boils down to is I'm pretty good at responding to personal emails within a reasonable amount of time, but I'm not going to be able to do that as long as I'm sitting at my boring-ass job for ten hours a day. Thank God they quit blocking myspace and haven't figured out that they should block yahoo groups, too. Just a couple more reasons why it's so hard to stay yet so hard to say goodbye.


  1. haha, if I hadn't decided to follow my new husband to Austin almost 10 years ago, I would still be a librarian in the oil industry.

    (some of these comments do not make sense because people vacated myspace way before I did) :)

  2. Yeah, I'm going to talk to a head hunter, but I always feel funny mixing work and pleasure. And I don't like friends to know how picky I really am. I'm such a weird person.

  3. You know what's sad is that if I focused more on work than I did on play, I might have done that by now.

  4. The joys of working for other people. Why can't we be self made millionaires? Sheesh.

  5. LOL, it seems like I mostly deal with ESL students, but occasionally the students who can't even pass an 8th grade reading test do attempt to use the library. When they can't understand me saying "click where it says Library", they usually give up.

  6. "It's so much fun to try explaining this to people who don't speak English very well, even if it's their first language. Seriously."

    LMAO! how dare you not realize that the world owes these kids something? they are SPECIAL, dammit!

    you tell em' ;)

  7. I cannot believe that has been 10 efin years. Damn we still look good!