Monday, February 25, 2008

March Masquerade

Another Houston Roller Derby season, another year full of bout posters...

01 March Masquerade

Our opening bout this year should be interesting. I'm waiting to see if my hearing will be restored by then, even though the doctors don't know why I have significant hearing loss. Seems like the infections that were so obvious a couple of weeks ago have now subsided and left this nagging pressure behind. It's really there, people! I'm not making this up. Believe me, I'm not enjoying meeting my $400 insurance deductible in one month. Also, it's hard to skate in a pack when you can't hear properly. Now I realize those eyes in the back of my head were actually my ears. It should be fairly easy to take me out if I can't hear you coming, and I've been confirming that in the last couple of practices. Ouch.

Another interesting side note to this bout is Hannah Montana's performance at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on the same day. I think the similarities in both our audiences might surprise some people. In other words, her sold out show should affect our attendance. Prove me wrong, and buy a ticket to March Masquerade online!


  1. bollocks! i'll be tracking penalties at the bout in lufkin that night. oh, well. maybe i'll see you in april - and hopefully, you'll be able to hear me!

  2. Awesome...what a great reason to miss our bout!