Monday, January 7, 2008

Kevin Fowler Can Open My Rodeo Anytime!

OK, so he's not the opening act for Rodeo Houston 2008, but Kevin Fowler is my opening act. The complete 2008 lineup was announced earlier today, and now I know who I get to listen to this year while I'm running full bottles of alcohol out to the bars and empty bottles back to the storeroom in the East Club.

My favorite dirty Texas music boy, Kevin Fowler, starts my work schedule off on March 5th. Yeehaw! The rest of my schedule is as follows: Martina McBride on March 8th, Rascal Flatts on March 11th, Clay Walker on March 14th, Miranda Lambert on March 17th, and Dierks Bentley on March 20th. Much better than usual since my committee is now rotating work Black Heritage or Tejano Day for me this year. Although those are usually very easy days to work, I don't find the music and/or the scenery as aesthetically pleasing as Kevin, Clay, Dierks or even Miranda. Meow...

The funniest thing about this year's schedule...I get Miranda and my husband gets Hannah Montana. He just better not come home that night telling me about some girl who thinks he has the finest ass in the whole rodeo. That really happened last year.


  1. Hmmmm...Rascal Flatts.... That's my show of choice this year. And Martina.

    I honestly cannot tell you how jealous I am of you for what you posted on my blog yesterday. Seriously. Is it too late for me to join? Or hide in your trunk?

    If he should happen to be there, please tell him he has a HUGE fan who believes him. HUGE fan. Giant. And I am not scamming for autographs. I really am that big of a fan.

  2. We scheduled around his schedule so I doubt he will be there, but you never know. Do you think you could just stand in for me? I'm not looking forward to the primping and posing and all that girly stuff. :)

  3. Don't even frickin tempt me about standing in for you. Seriously.


    Tell him I said Hi. Really. If he is there - just knowing that someone could actually say "Hey, this lady I know, Margaret? Yeah, she says Hi". OMG. Really.

  4. Please...fill me in on EVERYTHING. Please?!?!?