Monday, July 30, 2007

Who Says You Can't Have It All?

Y'all may not know that I've been trying to use up a free plane ticket for almost a year. If that's news to you, then this will be even better news. I did it!

This will be my view on August 25th.

Life would be perfect if I had a new job waiting for me when I get back.


  1. I am sooooo jealous! I let a free plane ticket go b/c I had no where to go, no one to go with.

    Looking for a new gig???

  2. Aw, wish I would have known. I try to meet up with my Yankee friend once a year, but it's hard to nail anything down with my crazy schedule.

    Always looking...I might stick it out until this place goes under, but my brain is turning to mush in the meantime.

  3. yay for free trips! and doubly so for margaritas! i hope an amazing job falls in your lap upon your return.

    thanks again for soothing my nerves at the HRD practice. We had a blast and talked derby the whole drive home. :)

  4. Now that's my idea of a vacation! have fun!