Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Sway Towards Pessimism

In the last jam of the Brawler/Siren bout on Sunday, I remarked to a teammate that we did exactly what we didn't want to do...let the Sirens score the most points on us this season. She replied, "But this is the most points we've scored yet." True.

I've spent a lot of time this season looking at the dark side of things. Somebody has to, I'm good at it, and as co-captain and former bench-warmer, why shouldn't it be me? Sunday's bout gave me a lot of reasons to look at the bright side, though.

We did score 104 points, almost more than we had scored in our first two bouts put together. I haven't seen jammer stats yet, but I know I had a 7-point jam to help with that. The Beast is back! Our blocker stats improved across the board. Sinister Sista had a particularly impressive showing, including a beautiful jammer-take-out on Dementia that has somehow ended up on YouTube. One of the Sirens put me into the front row, and even though that's not a bright side for me or the girl I landed on, it is a bright side for the league because it didn't happen much last year. We are all improving!

So I promise to keep a positive spin on the Brawler's 0-3 season, and look toward the playoffs in August with all the optimism I can stomach. Congrats to the Bosses going 3-0! If we stick with the seeded tournament for playoffs like the league has discussed, the Bosses get the privilege of taking on the new and improved Brawlers.


  1. I saw that y'all had scored 104 points against the Sirens, and I was super impressed! And that video is AWESOME! Congrats on a fine show, and here's to leaning towards the bright side!

  2. So you go flinging right into the crowd? Are those special seats? If I make it to one of these, can I have the "Not being hit by someone wearing rollerskates cause I think it might hurt" seats?

  3. You put on a great show on Sunday. Glad you're back and skating hard! Meeoowww!

  4. Thanks, Chrissy and Amanda!

    Margaret, there are plenty of seats with excellent views far away from skaters landing in your lap (and spraining your wrist when they happen to weigh almost 200 lbs).

  5. Playing the Brawlers is always fun for the Bosse$. Looking forward to the weekend! >;o)