Saturday, April 7, 2007

My Ankle Feels Great!

Well, besides the tenderness of the incisions...

I didn't limp when I got out of bed this morning. I can't believe I can already tell a difference with the metal out of my body. I hinted that I might be able to skate a couple of jams in the May bout, and Doc was not buying it. I think I'll listen to him and wait.

In semi-related news, you know your job sucks when you come in on a Saturday after having surgery on Wednesday, and you have an email from your boss who knew you were having surgery on Wednesday, but sent you an email that day anyway asking if you were going to be here on Saturday. Can I shoot the bitch now? Since I can't hip-check her ass into the cheap seats until June? Please...


  1. You gotta get outta that place before it drives you insane! Get out now!

  2. proof that there's nothing wrong with people that you can't fix with your hands...