Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How to Have Fun after Surgery

I've found the perfect way to make the time fly videos of the most gruesome sports injuries! Conveniently, someone dugg this story on today. While Sports Illustrated provided only ten links, there are plenty of extra links in the comments at digg and at the bottom of the SI article.

Once again, you have to listen to me complain about the fact that there is no evidence of Catazon's ankle flopping around anywhere out there! What is wrong with you roller derby fans? Don't you know great Internet fodder when you see it?


  1. How exactly did your floppy ankle not make the gruesome video cut? It was totally gruesome in the cutest way possible.

  2. There are only RUMORS of a video of my break, not actual video. The one video I have cuts my feet out of the frame when it is happening and pans away from me once the cameraman realizes I'm down.

    Cute...haven't heard that word used to describe much about me, and especially not about my body parts that don't work properly, but I made a skirt out of a Brawler t-shirt last night, so I believe I might hear that word frequently in my near vicinity this Sunday. :)

  3. Yowch! How long will you be down? (I think I'm waaaay out of the loop - is this a recent injury?)

    I'm sideline bound too - rink rat on board!

  4. old news...check the posts back in August for all the broken ankle details...didn't want to compete with the hardware in and had to wait 7 months to take it for 6 weeks (now closer to 4).