Thursday, February 8, 2007

Is This What Intervention Feels Like?

Sometimes I wish that my experiences in roller derby were more like my husband's experiences at the deer lease. If one of the guys isn't pulling his own weight, showing up for work weekends and whatnot, then they get cussed for being the low-down, dirty SOBs that they are in that instance, and everyone moves on. No drama allowed.

Instead, I get to deal with emergency meetings where girls wear their feelings on their sleeves and you can see on everyone's face how they would rather be anywhere but here. It doesn't end when the bitch-fest is over either. Some girls will hold grudges from that meeting until the day they die. Drama will prevail!

The Brawlers lived through an intervention last night. As their new co-captain, I must now take some sort of responsibility to ensure that we never have to suffer through one again.


  1. i recently got voted captain of my team. it's pretty terrifying, seeing as derby is my first real sport, never mind my first time wearing the captain hat (helmet?). but i agree with you - there should be a golden derby rule that says save the drama for the track.

  2. Blech. i hate those kinds of meetings but sometimes it's the only way to get straight. At least later on you get to put on your skates and take that aggression out on the track, right?