Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Before I am Consumed by March,

I must post the facts on the first bout of the 2007 season. That way, I will have a post to link to for my 2007 season page that will eventually resemble my 2006 season page.

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If you check the HRD website, you will notice that Catazon is not listed on either of the veteran teams. Don't fret. Well, just a tad, because I won't be there at all due to my rodeo commitments. Just wait till April when you get to watch me take on the refs as acting captain of the Brawlers.


  1. Holy freaking cow girl, derby _and_ rodeo? Do you sleep? Are you actually an android? I'm assuming if you get scraped during a bout gears and ball bearings fall out of the wound . . . . ;)

  2. Sorry, the paramedics said they actually saw bone when I broke my ankle. I can sleep when I die, or when I pass out from free drinks at our rodeo committee Chairman's party tonight. (That's a joke, because my rule is to pass out from free drinks only once a week and I already did that last Saturday.)

  3. i found another rollerskating librarian - i think it's becoming a trend. she suggested a flat track expo at the next ALA conference - we could blow the book cart drill team out of the stacks!