Monday, January 29, 2007

My New Logo

I love it so much I put it on some t-shirts, a button, and a sticker in a cafepress store. There is now a button on this website that says "Buy Catazon Stuff." Click on it!


  1. I love (and am jealous of) your logo! If I can somehow compromise with a particular person hogging all permutations of a particular name -or- come up with a unarguably original name, I hope I can think up a logo of my own . . . assuming I don't wipe myself out via skating fumble first. *grin*

  2. Thanks! It took me over a year to come up with that thing. It probably would have been better if I would just stop trying to do everything myself.

    I took over the job of maintaining HRD's skate names this year, and we have about 20 newbies so I know what you mean about the name thing. Email me your name...I left a comment on one of your posts about Wild Bill so you can get my address there, right?

  3. Negotions didn't go in my favor so I'm back to figuring out a derby name - I'll let you know once I've got it figured out. :)

  4. very nice logo! :)

    Hi! *waves* Thanks so much for coming to NRG's first bout. Wish I could have met you.

    Take care,
    Seoul Crusher