Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm Officially (in)Famous!

Jenny at Mama Drama, a big fan of Houston Roller Derby since we set her straight on whether or not roller derby was family-friendly, has featured Catazon in today's post as a plea to the producers of the Amazing Race to pick the roller derby twosome. Be nice and read the whole thing instead of scrolling down to the paragraph about me! Then come back and see what I have to say about the assumptions she has made about three of my possible future endeavors.

Although it is highly possible that I could be a Presidential candidate since I would run as a Libertarian and have considered becoming active in the local party, it would not be pretty once they start dragging the skeletons out of the closet. I'll skip that one to avoid embarrassing my family although it is nearly impossible to embarrass myself (as Jenny said, I did crawl on a pool table in lingerie).

Something as small and sprite as a leprechaun would surely give an Amazon a run for the money. If I was able to outsmart him and he started treating me like Darby O'Gill, I'd kick him to the curb in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, my legacy will be "The One that Broke Stuff", not "The One that Fixed Stuff." I accept the fact that I'm a bull in a china shop. It no longer frustrates me. So I can guarantee I won't be finding cures for anything, and I know not to even try.

Thank you, Jenny. Watch out, Hollywood!


  1. Ironically, I was in a play once called Bull in a China Shop... And I was poisoned to death!! ha ha ha

    "Bull In A China Shop" tells the story of a group of nice, little old ladies who get involved in a big-time homicide. Organizers say C.B. Gilford's mystery-comedy in three acts reminds them of "Sex and the City" meets "Arsenic and Old Lace."

  2. Not only am I a 'bull in a china closet,' I can 'mess up an anvil.'

  3. Good one, swampwitch. My mother always called me a bull, fitting since I am on the cusp of Taurus, but she never used the anvil saying.