Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Am I a Movie Star?

As I was working on my Amazing Race application this morning, I came across the question, "Have you ever appeared in a publicly released film or video of any sort?". Well, let's see...when I was playing football for the Austin Rage, we had a documentary filmmaker follow us around for a while. He even interviewed me at MPOW one day, and I babbled on and on about breaking stereotypes and other optimistic crap. So I can see why I would end up on the cutting room floor, but since I haven't seen the finished product, I'm not sure if I have appeared in a publicly released film or video.

That made me curious to find out if anyone had seen the finished product, and I found the "Playing with RAGE" trailer on YouTube. Boy, did that bring back some memories! I didn't spot myself in any of the clips, but it still looks awesome. It won an award at a Memphis film festival in October of 2006. Maybe we will see it in Houston soon.


  1. man, it would be so awesome to watch you on the Amazing Race. did i say watch? i meant WINNING.

  2. With a partner by the name of Private BeenJammin', I think our chances are pretty good for first, making the cut, and second, you are oh so right, WINNING.