Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Random Things

Creeping Beauty tagged me, so here's 10 random things about me. I'm going to stick with the facts instead of my idiosyncrasies...

1. I detest my current job, yet my library continually has the highest scores of any department for student satisfaction with services. I guess I'm pretty good at faking it.

2. I have worked in many different types of libraries, but never a public library. Thank God!

3. If I had to choose between being a rodeo volunteer and playing derby and choosing one would mean losing the other for life, then I would choose rodeo.

4. I would have tried out for banked track derby in Austin when I finished playing football if I had not gotten pregnant. And I was living in Houston at the time.

5. I played tight end for a full season but only caught 2 passes because my skinny ass was too busy filling in as right tackle for the fat linewomen that couldn't move their feet fast enough to block.

6. I completed an application for Survivor in 2001 and never sent it in because I tore my ACL. One of these days, I WILL BE on a reality show (ok, that might never be a FACT...whatever).

7. I served 417 people at my wedding. I'm talking about plates of food, you pervs.

8. I dated a guy that was shorter than me for way too long.

9. I skated in a department store commercial when I was around 10 (along with my sister).

10. My grandparents had a vacation home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, so for several wonderful years of my young life, my family skied for Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Oh how I miss that!

I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but if you feel like doing this, go right ahead and return the favor of a few seconds of amusement.

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  1. Uh, excuse me, survivor? Girl, we're going on the AMAZING RACE!!!!!!