Monday, December 18, 2006

Texas State Railroad

This weekend, I finally fulfilled my promise to The Kitten to take her on a train ride. We journeyed into East Texas to ride the Texas State Railroad that travels between Rusk and Palestine. I know she looks like she hated it...

but she was thoroughly enthralled...

While we were there, I signed the petition to save our Texas state parks. There are currently not enough funds to keep these trains going, and it's a shame. Texas' parks serve not only as a glimpse into the history of this magnificent state but as affordable vacation spots for families. Sign the petition, then get out and see the state!


  1. Get out of here! Hailey loves trains and I've been looking for one to take her out in. Man...I should've caught a ride with you.

    How far away is it from Houston?

  2. It's about a 3-hour drive. Not too bad for a day trip.

  3. OK - better late than never on the comments... but we went and rode the train over Thanksgiving weekend. Me, Boyfriend, Mom, Dad and my niece and nephew. We had a blast. Nothing will compare to seeing my 3 1/2 year old nephew's face light up when he heard the whistle the first time. His eyes got huge, he grabbed my arm and said "It's time to go!!!". it was beautiful. And now, the train is gone.

  4. I think they have funds for another six months, but yeah, I'm glad we made it out there just in case.