Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Still worrying about a Halloween costume...

but I think I'm close to making up my mind. Way back when, I thought the Naughty Librarian would be cute
Naughty Librarian
but then if I wanted to be cute, maybe I should do the cat thing
Naughty Cat
since I might have to abandon that whole persona in the near future.
Then I saw this
Sexy Paramedicand I thought it would be nice to give a shout-out to some special people who carried my lame ass off the court, field, floor, etc., more than once and most especially the last time.


  1. Paramedic.......definately.......LOL

    Im still trying to figure mine out too......wish me luck....


  2. Way to put a damper on it, Jule! Yeah even standing like that would just draw attention to the fact that I don't have any. It's a good thing I have such high self-esteem.

  3. Do the boobs come with the costumes?

  4. I think you should go with the last one....since your right about the special people who took care of you.......:)

  5. No, but I'm a naughty librarian every day! Luckily, my library has no policy for charging fines, so I can pretty much make it up as I go along.

  6. The Playmate that I would like to be is one of those painted ladies. Maybe I can just get the leopard spots painted on instead of wearing the costume? Oh yeah!

  7. I know what im going to be! A roller derby girl! :)~

    Oh yea and I like the last one


  8. I wouldn't say special, but I do agree that last one rules! This is what I'm gonna be, a pregnant Siren." target="_blank">.." border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">

  9. [...] How did the Sexy Paramedic turn out? Other than a noticable limp, I think it was comparable to the model. [...]

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