Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rodeo Wrap-up

One of my favorite things about volunteering for the rodeo is when it's finally over. And I don't mean that in a negative way; I get to read all about another wonderful year at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in the wrap-up press release. Granted the numbers are rumored to be padded, but I'm pretty good at exaggerating myself. Here's my own version:

Marie (aka Catazon) Finishes Up Her Third and Final Year as Club East Captain - March 21, 2011 - For Immediate Release - On the morning of March 21, 2011, Marie made her final trip to Reliant Stadium as a Captain on the Corral Club - Club East A Team to help her committee push all the beer boxes, margarita machines, and portable bars downstairs to Equipment and finish cleaning out the leftover alcohol and other sundries.  She took home a buttload of limes to make fresh margaritas later in the evening, because we all know you have to wean yourself slowly from twenty straight days of rodeo excess. 

Following are the highlights of Marie's own personal 2011 March Madness:

  • Officially worked six nights: Sugarland, Selena Gomez, Martina McBride, Gary Allan, KISS, and Alan Jackson.
  • Helped out the other teams for two nights: Clay Walker and Jason Aldean.
  • "Played" on seven additional nights: Janet Jackson, Billy Currington, Lady Antebellum, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, and Brad Paisley.
  • Yes, that's a total of 15 out of 20 nights that Marie was on the grounds of RodeoHouston.
  • Drink tickets purchased: $240 worth (not counting the tickets sweet-talked off the husband)
  • Wine tickets purchased: ~$30 worth (those were hair of the dog days; more money will be spent on wine next year)
  • Carnival tickets purchased: $100 worth (half-price, of course)
  • Carnival tickets donated: $50 worth
  • Alamo tamales eaten: $12 worth (3 half-dozens, usually on the hair of the dog days)
  • Gifts bought for the Assistant Club Chairman's last year: $315 worth (money collected from the Club)
  • Steps walked: ~503,000 over the past six weeks; the majority of those on the 15 days at rodeo.
  • Number of times riding the rollercoaster of death: 2
  • Number of times riding the rollercoaster of death in the front seat: 1 (just happened to be the day before and you know it was with The Kitten)
  • Number of days Pole 21, the same place I've been parking since I started volunteering seven years ago, was unreachable: 12 (don't even get me started; it's pretty much documented via Facebook and Twitter)
  • Number of gifts my team bought me for my last year as Captain: 4
    • HLSR pink and black windbreaker
    • HLSR pink and black rhinestone belt buckle
    • HLSR sterling silver bracelet
    • And my favorite, HLSR Corral Club key fob
Another great year of giving back to my community and also getting something in return; not only material things but pride, respect, love...too many positive emotions and feelings to list. As I mentioned, there's an Assistant Club Chairman position open on my Club, and I'm up for it. 2012 may be even better than 2011, if we aren't killed walking to our car a mile away or being flung out of a carnival ride!

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