Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Has The World Come to When I Get Excited about Happy Hour?

This day feels like it lasted for eighteen hours instead of nine, merely because I'm regressing to my late twenties and going to happy hour tonight. Seriously, what has my old age come to if I'm letting a Thursday evening meet-up to consume free appetizers and over-priced drinks with other retired derby friends be the highlight of my week? Seriously, I cannot wait!

In other exciting news, I set the theme for the party I'm hosting in late June and got some evites out last night. This late June date is almost halfway in between my best friend since 7th grade's and my birthdays. We were born exactly four months apart in 1970, a Taurus and a Leo. People actually believe we're having a S&M party, because the theme is "40 is Fabulous with S&M". Her name is Staci; mine is Marie. Things happen when the two of us get together that are beyond your worst S&M nightmare. Be afraid; be very afraid.

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