Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All My Tweets Come True!

Yesterday, after receiving a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt and then tailgating another officer while still not wearing a seatbelt, I joked about setting a record for non-moving violations. Today, I received another ticket for not wearing a seatbelt...from the same officer who gave me a ticket yesterday. I just laughed.

Yesterday, the officer asked for my license without any hint of friendliness. Today, I smiled widely and and asked him "How are you doing today?" He just shook his head. I told him "I never wear it" (I don't believe it should be against the law, and I certainly don't believe that people should be pulled over only for not wearing seatbelts). He wrote that it in the comments on the ticket. Huh?

Today, he tried to walk off without being friendly again. I said, "See you tomorrow!" Then he actually smiled. Surprise, surprise...he gave me a tip. Tomorrow, he will be at the Valero on Memorial writing tickets for blocking the intersection instead of chasing people down Memorial for not wearing a seatbelt. I told him "Well, I never do that!" ;)

(Oh, and I lied about never wearing a seatbelt. My daughter usually makes me when she's in the car. For the record, that's three seatbelt tickets this year...I wonder if I can start a fund during open enrollment to help pay for these?...a small price to pay for libertarianism.)

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  1. You will get no support from me! I'm a seat belt stickler. I'm the one encouraging Chris to put his on when we're in the car... but I do agree that it shouldn't be against the law either. But it is a good safety measure.