Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3

NaPoWriMo is easy today. I have a change from the usual schedule and was able to take a long walk this morning. Good material!

Today I step away from the car
To walk with the constant hum of cars on one side
And the hammering noise of destruction on the other.
Through it all I catch the faint chirp of a frog and
the child in me longs to scramble down the side of the ditch.
Soon I'll pass the school where I refuse to send my child,
Forcing the humility of surrounding nature to question my innate pride.

The spot where I once glimpsed a dead body,
Brings me back to my need to protect at all costs.
Now all I disturb are the birds.
Is the world truly devoid of hope?

I return to crows fighting on my car out of the dozens from which to choose.
Is this a sign?
Or is mine the only one with luggage racks?

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