Friday, February 13, 2009

What's My Name Again?

My daughter's name is not The Kitten. It's really Sydney. Since she was born, we have called her Sydney Bean...and every other variation of Bean. Beanie Baby, Beanie Weenie, Beana, whatever... Our whole extended family calls her Bean.

Last night, The Kitten asks, "What's my middle name?" I say, "You know your middle name. What is it?"


"No, your middle name is Marie!", I reply with a big smile.

She puts her hands on her head and exasperatedly says, "I can't believe I told Aidan my middle name is Bean!"

Too cute! Although, I think she *really* likes Aidan, so it might have been a bit embarrassing for her. Good to know I'm already doing my duty as a parent.


  1. Oh, Aidan. That was always the name I wanted to name my little boy if I had one. It is so damn common now though! Cute story...but I thought her name was Bean too. Now I am embarrassed. ;)

  2. Really!?! Maybe we should change it to Bean...much more interesting than Marie.

    So are you having a girl, or do we not know yet??? You aren't sharing enough... ;)