Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Just Thought I Was an Amazon

This is a true Amazon! The thing is she SHOULD be able to dunk and rack up the triple-doubles...she's a foot taller than most other girls. What is truly impressive is, from the looks of the video, she knows how to assist as well. I remember I had a real problem giving up the ball whenever I touched it. Imagine that. I had to work on my triple-doubles in points, rebounds, and blocks, and I was only a half a foot taller than most other girls.


  1. Hey there! I'm glad for the comment, because now I found you and have another blog to stalk. May I just say that I love the LOLCatazons? I also have to say that I'm sad timing means I won't get to skate with you!

  2. Hey thanks! Your blog came up in my HRD search feed after saying that you made the league. Congrats, by the way, although it was only a matter of time. You'll be great, and I'll be around somewhere...so you never know. ;)