Monday, December 8, 2008

The Week That Wasn't

I didn't check in with my mentor on my health program this past week, so it's kinda like it didn't exist. Therefore, I will ignore the fact that I didn't lose any weight, and believe that this week will have better results or at least get me back down to where I was in week two.

It's been five days since my last taste of frosty adult beverage, and I have worked out twice in the past 24 hours. That's a good start. Unfortunately, I have a rodeo meeting (drinks!) on Tuesday, a holiday dinner (drinks!) on Wednesday, a band concert (damn, no drinks!) on Thursday, and a company Christmas party (Yaaay, drinks!) on Saturday. I wish I could live on a liquid diet.

Catazon's Week 4 of the Cardiovascular Health Program
Weight = somewhere around 190 (I think)
Anxiety Level = 8 (...and I think I might be getting a cold.)

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