Friday, July 11, 2008


For the past two years, I have complained a bit about the job I am leaving today. I knew within two months of starting the job that this proprietary university mumbo-jumbo was a bad deal, but the pay was decent, the stress was low, and the commute was manageable. So I wasn't in too big a rush to find something better, and I didn't want to be back in the situation that forced me into this job. I worked three different permanent jobs in three weeks...yes, that's a true story.

While I was complaining about my job on a weekly basis, I was also checking Houston-area, Fortune 500 company (preferably oil and gas) websites for open positions that matched my skill set and applying to anything that remotely resembled something I could do. Friends and family kept telling me to get a headhunter, but I knew my pickiness would eventually become an annoyance to anyone who didn't really understand. In the task of finding a new job, I was able to practice a high degree of patience, and I had faith that it would pay off the way it has. I announced a couple of weeks ago that I was resigning from the second-longest job I have ever had (I stayed at a community college as a cataloger for over three years...I actually loved that place and those people, but it was too far away). What I didn't say is that I'm going to work for the second-largest oil and gas company in the United States as a Business Analyst in their real estate division. I will be working downtown, but the pay raise, the benefits, the company, and just the overall "betterness" of this job surpass that one negative by miles. Most importantly, my daughter gets to go to "church school", just like I did.

I plan on setting a record for the longest I have ever stayed at a job. I think it's about time.


  1. Yeah!! I work downtown, and so does Sista, and Amy, and we can go to lunch all the time! It'll be wonderful!! Yeah!

  2. Congrats! New jobs are exciting, especially when you dislike your old one. This sounds like a big change and a great opportunity! Whee!