Monday, June 30, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish...

or if you are me, be careful what you talk about. Before the bout Saturday night, I talked about how I am prone to having accidents at home and how I wanted one of our pets to die. Both of those things happened on Sunday. I broke my right pinkie toe again, and I found the psycho hamster dead in her cage. Spooky.

I don't remember talking about winning the bout, but we did anyway. Yay! Come watch HaRD Knocks win again this Saturday...same Cat time, same Cat channel.


  1. Hmm, your ticket link doesn't work because of the www, remove that from the beginning at it will.


  2. Thanks. I usually test but was pulled in many different directions yesterday: working on roster for Saturday, working on roster for Q3, working on evaluations for refs across the country, working on not leaving a mess at my old day job because I'm too busy working on derby.