Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The True Meaning of Rodeo

I have been a big fan of rodeoing for many years, which is really strange since I'm not a big fan of cows or horses. I guess I admire the extreme sport aspect of it all. Understandable. Then I saw an extended family member compete in the calf scramble last night.

My husband's cousin's son (what is that? like once removed or something? maybe I should use my skills and look that up?) enters a cow into the livestock show every year, but this year, he had a chance to win a calf he could bring back to show next year. He lined up about a half a foot shorter than the sixteen other boys and eleven girls, but he looked strong out of the gate. Within seconds, he tackled a calf, but the calf flipped around and took off. All the while, I'm jumping up and down, screaming, and trying to keep The Kitten informed on what was actually happening. It was the most exciting thing I have ever seen at a rodeo!

Our cousin kept running until the last calf was caught, and even though he wasn't one of the fourteen who caught a calf, he's still a winner to us. It made me even that much prouder to be a part of something that does good things for so many kids. Maybe that's the real reason why I'm such a big fan.


  1. I freaking love the calf scramble. Even if I don't know anyone scrambling I'm screaming and yelling and Victor's looking at me like I'm the biggest dumb-ass ever.

    If you can't get excited about a bunch of kids jumping on calves then when can you get excited?