Thursday, December 20, 2007

A New Year of Derby

Christmas isn't even over, and advertising has already begun for the 2008 derby season. HRD's all-star travel team is going to Colorado in early February, and we can't do that without money. One of our favorite ways to raise funds is acting like fools singing karaoke.

Two derbyokes ago, I did the L'il Kim part on Lady Marmalade. That alone should have won the Brawlers first place...we were robbed. Suggestions for how I can top that performance are being taken, or just show up and pay for me to do it kamikaze know, where you pick the song and I have to sing it. I figured it might be helpful to clarify that.


  1. "I wanna be evil" by Eartha Kitt.


  2. I'm surprised I haven't heard that one, but my tastes do run more along the lines of rock and country with a little disco thrown in. I typical. Like the lyrics, so I'll have to download the song when I get home. Thanks!