Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Derby

I've had ups and downs in derby this week.

I fumed for a couple of days over something that has annoyed me for two years: people that come at a jammer with a good block, but not good enough to take the jammer out, so they use their momentum to fall in front of the jammer and try to break her ankle by wrapping their legs around it. Not a good feeling for the jammer. Referees should call a low block or tripping, but good luck with that.

After recently conversing with a couple of other skaters about whether or not a backwards whip could be used effectively in an actual jam, I pulled one off last night. I threw an off-balance block, went into an eagle, and decided to just turn around and face my jammer who I knew was right behind me. I had two teammates ahead of me in the pack, so I knew I could give my jammer a whip and she would be protected from the one opposing blocker that was ahead of us. I reached out for her, and she grabbed my hand and propelled herself around the rest of the pack. Now that's a good feeling for a blocker. Wasn't 100%, but it got the job done.

Can't wait to show Pikes Peak how Houston rolls on February 9, 2008.

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