Monday, September 17, 2007

I Think I'm Entitled...

to bitch about working 13 hours straight on a Monday after spending Sunday abusing my body. You know that freaky bone that sticks out on the top of my foot (and if you don't know, it's not an injury, it's done that all my life)???...somehow that got scraped through my leather skate and two socks. What I wouldn't give right now with 30 minutes left of my voluntary prison in this god-forsaken library to be 24 hours in the past, putting more scrapes on my freaky bones.


  1. Ain't it a shame we don't get paid for this shit!

  2. sad when a job can make an otherwise intelligent person despise the house of learning...hopefully roller-derby will become the new giant sport, and then you can all complain about the pressures that come with earning 57 million a year ;) - at which point you should be able to abandon your post in the house of pain... heh heh. (grins wickedly)