Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, or The Brawlers' Losing Streak

After every game the Brawlers lose, someone out there says, "Brawlers will be the team to beat next year." After every game the Brawlers lose, I want to plug my ears for a few days so I don't go off on someone about how they have made it alright for the Brawlers to lose this year. Because to me, it's never alright to lose and it's never alright to make excuses.

I'm sure nobody knows this and I can't believe I'm going to divulge this, but I cry in my car on the way home from every bout. This past Sunday, my tears were also due to relief that I made it through the one-year anniversary of the worst injury of my life in one piece. I've been making excuses for not bringing my "A game" (as a fan called it), but I'm done. I'm going to shed my own personal self-fulfilling prophecy. I hope everyone joins me and stops making excuses because the Brawlers are rookies, the Brawlers are rebuilding, or the Brawlers are fan favorites (obviously that is just a downright misconception since there were only about 200 people left in the building for our second half).

So you might have been expecting more of a recap. Derby supporters and zealous fans have done a pretty good job of that elsewhere. The Brawlers will play the Betties in October for third place. I'm hoping to post a recap on a self-defeating prophecy.


  1. i cry every time i drive from an HRD bout back to nacogdoches because i'm not catazon. seriously, i love the brawlers because they never give up. there are worse things than losing!

    i hope y'all take third place at the championships. you've earned it, and your fans won't accept any excuses!

  2. 1) I think the Brawlers are going to tear the place apart next bout!

    2) Kudos for getting back in the game and passing an important milestone.

    I wish y'all had won on Sunday, but you rocked just the same!

  3. I'll be there in October cheering you on! Go Brawlers!